Thursday, 1 December 2016

How To Make An Apple Pie and See The World - FIAR

I took a break from my blog, and I found this blog post from April!

This is possibly my favourite Five In A Row book.

You can listen How To Make An Apple Pie and See The World being read on YouTube.

Not only did we follow the FIAR Volume 1 guide for activities, but I also found other resources online, and we followed a few bunny trails of learning which related to ideas in the story.  This is a book full of rich learning opportunities.

ITALY - Wheat


SRI LANKA - Cinnamon



JAMAICA - Salt Water and Sugar How salt is harvested. How sugar is made.

 VERMONT - Apples

Saturday, 30 April 2016

April Activities

April has been a productive month.  We have enjoyed the settled autumn weather of cool nights and warm, sunny days.

I sometimes think, when I see other peoples photos of their nature walks, that we don't have anything as pretty.  But really the beauty is there if you choose to look hard enough.  It is more about perspective than it is about location.  
Life is just like that too.  Sometimes what we see around us seems boring or maybe ugly, but there is beauty there if we choose to see it.  The same goes for people.

This day I decided to take the youngest 3 on an adventure.  We headed down to the local river and went exploring.  It was great fun.

Life's simple pleasures - dandelion blowing.

The adventurer.

"This is my kingdom!" he cried aloud
Then we headed into the forest.

This is the only shot we seem to be able to get of these 2 lately.
Besties <3
 And sometimes I find lovely things on my camera...

Lego is a daily staple for the little boys.  One particular day Arrow saw Master Yoda from Star Wars on the computer and he wanted to make him.  This is where we found the instructions.  Yoda Lego Instructions

Our city clock tower was lit up red for Anzac Day.  We had made a family trip into town for dinner and we walked to the clock tower to see the Anzac displays.

Our silhouettes - can you guess who is who? 

 Autumn is my personal favourite season.  We found a decent pile of leaves in a park and had some fun with them.

We joined a community food harvesting group which gathers food to give to the organisations in our city who distribute free food to those in need.
The first harvesting we did was the University apple orchard.  We got to take some apples home with us too, which was a lovely bonus.

The second harvesting we went to was an enormous paddock of pumpkins...hundreds of thousands of them!  The estimate I heard was 500 tonnes!  Can you even imagine it!

The girls did a great job, and I am sure they now have a deeper appreciation of giving to others.
It is quite a humbling experience to work hard to collect food for others, and knowing that it was just going to rot and that it was impossible to gather all that was there so most of it will is a real life lesson.  There is so much waste in our world.

Look at those happy faces!  Good job girls.